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When you need a trusted electrician in Bella Vista and surrounding suburbs, who has the skills and experience to get the job done to the highest standard, we are the sparkies who fit the bill.

General maintenance, commercial and industrial - we do it all.

We are the electrician Bella Vista can really depend on because we have been dealing with all things that need wiring for over two decades so there's not much we haven't done when it comes to electrical work.

Finding those power bills keep going up and up?

We are the electrician in Bella Vista who can actually help reduce your power usage. Power saving products keep getting better and better and we can go over your home or office and let you know what can be done to help you reduce your electricity usage. Over the years, this could save you hundreds or dollars.

We also do switchboard upgrades and can test and tag all your electrical appliances.


An electrician in Bella Vista needs to know about customer service. This has what has kept us in work for all these years. We know how to treat our customers with courtesy and professionalism so that they keep calling us when they need the top electrician in Bella Vista and beyond.


And you can trust that our prices will be competitive. Why price ourselves out of a job? It's not worth it.
We want to be known in the area as the guys who you can totally put your faith in when you need excellent electrical work done at home or in the workplace.


If you would like to know more about our work ethic or services, give us a call on 0417 220 326 or you can also send through an email by completing the form above and we'll respond as soon as we can.