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Electrician Harbord

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electrician services

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How hard can it be finding the right electrician in Harbord and the surrounding district?

You know, the electrician in Harbord who really cares about you and the job they do.

The electrician in Harbord who never scrimps on quality?

The electrician in Harbord who is dependable and reliable, not to mention trustworthy?

It's not hard at all if you call us to do any electrical job at your home or workplace.

We have the runs on the board and a customer base that has keep us in a successful business for 16 years.

Paul is the owner and he has had his electrician's license for 22 years. That means he has the experience to tackle any wiring job - domestic or commercial.

While we do plenty of work in older homes, we also have experience working with architects to help make your new home, or office as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible. The lighting and wiring aspect of a new place can often be left to the last minute. However we understand that it's important to get the design right so that you don't have to add power points and lights after the job is completed. That is just a pain - not to mention expensive.

So whatever your electrical needs, we are here to help. And our service is second to none. We take pride in every job we do no matter how big or small and always keep in mind the bottom line so that you aren't charged for time wasted. That just makes sense to us.

If you need that electrician in Harbord who will do the right thing by you every time, call us on 0411 701 573.

You can also send us an email enquiry. Just fill in the contact form above. We will reply shortly.