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Flir i7

No need to buy an electrical data logger when you can rent it from us.

Electrical data loggers are a fabulous tool for energy and power studies.

It's an electric device that records data over a period of time. This allows for an accurate picture of conditions you want to record.

We hire out Fluke 1735 electrical data loggers so that you don't have the expense of purchasing one yourself. Sometimes you only need one for a short period of time and this is where we can help out.


We can have one to you wherever you live around the country. We keep them in excellent condition so you can be sure it will arrive in top working order, ready to go.


Fluke 1735 electrical data loggers are used to measure power parameters, harmonics and to capture voltage events. It can do load studies to verify capacity before adding loads. It can help with energy assessments by quantifying consumption before and after improvements to see if energy saving devices are doing the job.
It can help uncover harmonic issues that could damage or disrupt equipment. And it can help identify what's causing the circuit breaker to trip by monitoring for dips and swells.


So in the long run it can be very worthwhile using one of these as it could save power and money.

Our rental rates are very reasonable and will definitely save you money.

We are dedicated to providing a professional and affordable service and this is why when you think about hiring, talk to us first.

Call us today and ask about hiring one of our electrical data loggers.


Phone 1300 368 331 or complete the form on this page and we'll reply to your email shortly.