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Call us today on 0417 220 326

electrician services


Fed up with a television that is fuzzy or continually has bad reception?

Want to know that when you switch on your TV it will work every time?
DACEN can help either fix or install any TV antenna around Penrith.

Owner Craig Griffiths has been working in the industry for 20 years and understands the ins and outs of TV antennae. So if you live in Penrith he's the one to contact to get you back with clear pictures from every channel.


So what can we do for you?

For customers with TV antennae in Penrith that aren't performing as they should be, we can check them out and if possible find the fault and repair the problem. If that's not possible you may want to choose a new one that can meet all your current viewing needs.


Thinking of having a television in the bedroom, kitchen or outside entertaining area? We can install new TV outlets that connect to antennae ensuring happy viewing all around Penrith. It really can add to a night in with friends especially if a big sporting event is on or your kids want to watch a movie with friends.

Speaking of which, we also install home theatres so instead of heading out for a movie you and your family can have the same experience staying in watching the film of your choice in the comfort of your home - and in your PJs if you want! Saves on ticket costs and popcorn!


If you have a flat screen television we can mount it on the wall and give you more living space. It really is the way to go as it is a far safer option if you have children. The little ones won't be able to reach it while the bigger ones won't be bumping into it as they run about.


For all repairs and installations of TV antennas in Penrith call M: 0417 220 326.

Or complete the above contact form and Craig will get back to you shortly.