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How to find an electrician

Choosing an electrician who is qualified to fix an electrical repair may present a challenge.



When you need to find an electrician for electrical work at home or in the office, it needs careful consideration. A job done incorrectly can have serious ramifications. Worst case scenario is that poor workmanship could lead to an electrical fire that could destroy your house or office and even result in serious injury or death.

With this in mind, it is critical to find an electrician with all the qualifications and experience for the job.


So how do you find an electrician that will be able to do the best job possible?

Firstly it's important to identify the electrical work that needs to be done.

Once you know what the problem is, it's time to find an electrician to suit your requirements.

Ask family and friends if they can recommend an electrician. If so, arm yourself with a list of questions you can ask them before calling that electrician.
• Was the electrician professional?
• Did the electrician do a good job?
• Were they punctual?
• How much experience do they have?
• Do they have insurance?
• Are they a good listener?
• How did their prices compare with other electricians?
• Will the electrician correct problems that might not meet standards and if so will that cost more?
• Do they do a written quote?
• Can the electrician provide references?


If nobody can recommend an electrician, go online and find an electrician in your area. An electrician serious about their business will have a good quality website with information about them and their business - including their license number, years of experience and qualifications. They should also have references on their website. These are a good source of information. Phone a few of the electrician's customers and ask the same questions as above. If the electrician is sounding like the person you want for the job, give them a call yourself and ask the same questions. An electrician who can come around and give you a free quote is also desirable - so you will know how much money you are up for before the job is started.


When trying to find an electrician, it's also a good idea to ring a few electricians so you can compare them. One may have the best qualifications around but if he is not a good listener or has exorbitant fees, this may not be an electrician to suit you. So it's important to speak with a few electricians before you ask any to come and give you a quote. It will probably help you make the final decision.

When trying to find an electrician who will suit your needs, it can be difficult and time consuming but the background work will be well worth the effort. And once you find an electrician to suit your requirements, they are only a phone call away when you next need to find an electrician for any other electrical job at home or work.


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