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electrician services


Call us today on 0417 220 326

electrician services

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Your friendly local electrician for Marangaroo and surrounding area.

And this approach to business ensures customer satisfaction no matter what you need an electrician for in Marangaroo.


Our speciality is residential work and we can help make your home function a whole lot better with a bit of thinking and planning for the future.

It can be frustrating not having the right lighting or enough power points. we can create an amazing look just with lights and remove unsightly cords by putting in power points where you need them. These simple measures will help you place look and work a whole lot better. And not only can we wire up a new home, we we can rewire your existing place so that it is as safe as possible.

If you need an electrician to install air conditioning in your Marangaroo home, we can help.


We have experience installing all types of systems and can help you decide which one would suit your needs and budget.

RCDs, or safety switches, are also vital as they save lives. We can make sure yours work so that there won't be nasty shocks down the track.


The same goes for smoke alarms. We're the electrician who can come to your Marangaroo house and check firstly that you have enough smoke alarms (hopefully you have some) and secondly that they are in good working order. Again, smoke alarms save lives and it's a good idea to get them checked out.

Maybe you want advice on an alarm system and or CCTV? We can help with that. We know what you'll need and can install it so that you'll feel secure knowing your home is protected.


Let us be your electrician in Marangaroo and know you'll be getting not only excellent customer service but also affordable electrical work.


Call us on 0417 220 326 or send us an email using the form above. We'll get back to you shortly.